The goal of this project was to create a silica containment system that complied with OSHA Table 1 while instituting an engineering control that is effective, reliable, and affordable. The result was that after hundreds of hours of testing and nearly 50 prototypes, we developed a manifold that successfully mounts to a wide range of jack hammers and chipping hammers that is not only robust and virtually unbreakable, it’s also affordable and effective. Over hundreds of hours of testing we have found that the system is nearly 100% effective in the reduction of measurable respirable dust and reduces respirable silica (Quartz, Cristobalite, Tridymite). Unlike other methods, this engineering method sets out to eliminate silica emissions at the point source.

The design was conceived and lead by Chris Livengood (Director of Industrial, Safety, and Health at Nathan Contracting), this included conceptual design, field industrial hygiene mentoring, rapid prototyping via 3-axis machining, production and manufacturing inception, and all engineering phases. Through research and development in wide-ranging field testing the theoretical advantages were proven and thus CJ&S LLC. was born. Today, we present to you the most effective, most affordable, and most reliable silica suppression system for jack hammers in existence.

The TSS jack hammer manifold is word leading in its versatility and effectiveness.  The manifold is designed to fit a wide range of hammers, it is designed to be easily serviceable, and most importantly it is designed to be reliable and easy to use. This makes it the cheapest, dollar per hour, silica solution in the industry. To top it off, it is 100% made in America, using American labor, American R&D, and American materials and labor.