TSS Silica Supression Manifold (Complete)


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This is the complete silica suppression manifold. It includes the manifold which is comprised of the patent pending bracket that mounts directly to most hammers as well as the nozzle and hose assembly with valve.

The entire kit is designed to be not just tough as nails, but also to be modular in the event of failure. The kit includes a hose clamp to mount the manifold/bracket to your jack hammer. All parts are replaceable (we provide them at cost), but we doubt you’ll ever need to.

The nozzle itself features an inlet screen that is easy to clean in the event that it should get clogged. The hose assembly is professionally assembled in the United States, it features crimped junctions and braided hose. It is important to note that hose clamps are not used on hose junctures, hose clamps represent a significant safety concern in that the exposed band can cut and hang up on clothing and skin. These professionally assembled hoses are free from snags and exposed edges, they are ergonomically non-invasive and .

The assembly connects to a standard garden hose. There is no need for specialized hoses or connects, simply employ garden hose (5/8″) from your standard garden or home supply store and then run them to our suppression assembly. The system is compatible with common air and water (combined) supply lines.

Finally, the suppressions system is tunable. That’s right, it’s not a one size fits all arrangement. If water needs to decrease due to rain or other factors you can trim back the water supply to adjust to environmental needs (highly dependent on work conditions to meet OSHA exposure standards). This adjusts water needs, time, and work conditions while also allowing water to be turned off during periods where hammering is not being performed.

This system leads the way in silica exposure prevention, and it specifically eliminates or reduces the need for respirators, fit testing, and medical testing for personal respirator use. There is no other engineering control that targets concrete breaking as elegantly as the TSS dust suppression manifold.

The manifold itself is constructed of cast aluminum and is designed to be extremely tough yet easy to mount, dismount, and service. The hose connection is a standard 1/8″ NPT fitting as is the nozzle connection. The hoses are heavy duty braided lines and all connections are brass. The valve is of a heavy duty brass construction. All hose to fitting connections are crimped connections, there are no clunky and dangerous hose clamps on the hose to get snagged by or cut on. The TSS hose connects to standard garden hose, eliminating the need for specialized connections, and is 3 feet long providing plenty of length and flexibility for a wide range of uses and conditions. The manifold is mounted to the jack hammer via a standard hose clamp making mounting easy and quick. The system works on a wide variety of hammers.

The system is made in the U.S.A..


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